Fresh meat @ Club Ft. Lauderdale

I will start this post by stating that I’m a huge fan of Bathhouses/Sex clubs. When I travel to different places, I like to check to see how their clubs compare to other places I’ve been to. I haven’t traveled to Europe yet, so I know I’m missing out on some amazing places but I’ve traveled around the States. So far from places I have traveled to, my favorite would be in Chicago and here in Ft. Lauderdale.

I was sitting around the house last Saturday and was trying to figure out what I was going to do. I didn’t want to be out in the bars and I didn’t want to waste hours dealing with the drama that comes along with finding ass on the various websites I am a member of.

I have been wanting to check out the baths/club around here but unsure which one to check out.  Of the 3 in Ft. Lauderdale (Slammers, Clubhouse 2 and Club Ft. Lauderdale) I checked out (very useful) and chatted with people online, I got mixed reviews.

I ended up settling on Club Ft. Lauderdale. Its downtown, looked very clean online and seemed to have alot offer. So around 11pm I got dressed and headed out of the door.  It took me no time to get downtown and the parking lot looked moderately full. There was a guard sitting in the lot and I saw a good amount of cameras so I felt safe. When I walked in the door there were 2 other guys in front of me.

I dont know about you, but I generally like to have my own room when I go to these places. I like having a locker sometimes but nothing like having your own room to seduce boys into.  I paid my fees, locked away my wallet, keys and phone. I got my room key and a towel (which was pretty soft) from the attendant and got buzzed through the door. I always get a rush when walking into a place for the first time. I never know what to expect from the decor or of the people that might be there. I was pleased to see it to be nicely laid out and the few guys in the front were easy on the eyes.

I roamed around the halls to find my room. Turns out it was just around the corner from the front entrance. I wasn’t upset because I was able to peek into the different rooms to see what was on display and to see the various guys roaming the halls. I knew this was gonna be a good night. I always tend to have that tough decision to make of where to start. Do you roam the halls a bit and look around; or do you find your first tally on the chalk board?

I decided to walk around the halls and bit to get a feel of the place and to know what is close to my room when I needed to return. I ended up in the main area, which you could find the sauna, steam cave (not a small room, an actual cave) and the door that takes you out to the massive outside patio. Our there was a big pool, bunch of deck chairs, bar and grills, along with a hot tub. After getting a feel of all of this, I went back inside and ventured into the steam cave.

I liked the layout of this room, there were different nooks for play and plenty of room to walk around and observe. I decided to take a seat in one of the nooks. As I mentioned before, I’m not a shy person when it comes to my body and sex. I took a seat and opened my towel, my dick was in my hand and quickly rock hard. I love situations like this because there was a fairly dim light above me, which allowed people to see me easier then I could see them since the steam was bellowing up in the area that they were walking in. This turned me on that they could see me but I couldn’t really see them. After a couple minutes of this, I headed to the dry sauna.

One thing I cant stand are people who are at places like this and people are afraid to express the reason they are there for. Guys have their towels tightly wrapped around then and act prudish when I whip out my dick and start playing with it. I could care less about their shyness, I’m gonna put on a show. After having several guys walk by, touch and walk away… I got a bit annoyed so I decided to find my first victim of the evening. There happened to be this muscular “white” guy that have me a number of touches and looks. He seemed to have an Eastern European or South American look to him.  I knew he would be perfect. I walked out into the hall and started looking around. As I got close to the hall that leads to my room, I saw Mr. Muscles. I continued to walk to my room, but giving him the “eyes” to signal him to follow me. I simply walked into my room and waited for him to follow me in…he took the bait. I quickly shut the door behind him and turned up the light a bit so I can get a better look at this compact frame.

As soon as I dropped my towel, he was on the floor and on my dick. I let him enjoy it for a bit before I lifted him up and put him in my favorite position. He was quickly moaning from my tongue being impaled into his hole. After a bit of time with my tongue in his hole, I was ready to explore his hole with my dick. I started rubbing it onto his hole and his hole was begging for it. He then said the words I really hate to hear ” do you have a condom”.. the monster on the inside of me was ready to jump out and hold him down and shove my raw cock in but he was too hot to pass up. I put on a condom and he pushed me down and jumped on. We fucked for about 15minutes in various positions, but I wasn’t ready to drop a load, especially in a condom.. not gonna happen. I pulled out and we were back among the zombies walking the hall.

I went back to my routine of putting on a show in the sauna and steam cave. Got more looks and even more touches. My next victim was a typical looking white guy with a runners body. I put on my towel and whispered in his ear my room number and he was there as soon as I turned the corner from the opposite way. Nothing special about him.. He took my dick bareback for about 10minutes but he couldn’t really take it. Still not ready to unload yet, I went back to sauna and steam. I allowed several guys to give me head in sauna and one young asian boy just walked up to me, took off his towel and sat on my dick.. I love those type of boys. He rode me for about 10minutes and then he jumped off and went on his way. The next dude to feel my dick was someone who kept touching me in the sauna. He was mid 40s, latin guy but very nice hairy body and round ass.. I had to have him. He followed me to my room and he laid down and spread his cheeks. He was prelubed, so I just shoved my dick in. He was the best fuck so far (but the night is not over). I dont usually allow the bottom to control things but this guy knew what he wanted and I just allowed him to do what he wanted. He put me in the positions that he wanted me to fuck him in, I was happy to comply. After about 25 minutes, he stated that he wanted to try a different cock… I was not upset.

I went back to the sauna and had an awesome group. There was a younger slim black guy that kept checking me out. He sat next to me while I was stroking and turned towards me with his legs open. One on the bench where we were sitting and the other on the one below. That was an invitation for me. My fingers were quickly in his hole. This sparked alot of action around us. 2 guys took turns giving both of us head and a number of guys were standing around jerkin off.. FINALLY some real action. I soon got bored of this because I wanted more ass. I saw one of the guys who watched us and told him to follow me. This was a 29yr old Brazilian. Big muscle boy, blond hair and blue eyes.. what a joy. He gobbled up my cock for a bit then assumed the position and guided my dick to his hole. OMG… nice and warm, fit like a glove. His hole slowly opened up around my dick and it was just a harmony of fucking. We went at it for about 45 minutes. We had to stop because he had to do a touch up on himself.. if you know what I mean.

The man to get my load was a lucky hot body Cuban MAN.. I mean 6’4, hairy chested, bubble ass with a forest of hair and actually a monster cock. With all of this man.. he was craving my cock and I was more then willing to provide it to him. Let me tell you.. this man was not for just anyone. He had a certain bravado about him and he wasn’t the typical bottom that you would find there but just my type of guy. Let me explain.

As I described, this Cuban was a brick house. Hairy, full of muscles and a big bottom. The think that turned me on the most was the fact that he was funky. This is something that I’ve become attracted to more since I moved here. I’ve always loved the natural body smells of guys but I’ve embraced it more since I moved to Ft. Lauderdale. I’ve even embraced my own body scent. I only wear deodorant when I need to.. like work or a meeting. I usually just shower and thats it. I actually did not put any on before I went to the bath, so by this time I had a definite scent happening. This dude had exactly what I wanted. We sniffed each others pits for a few minutes, then I moved to his ass where I hit the jackpot. His ass had that musty smell to it that just sends me over the top. As soon as I saw the hair and inhaled his ass, my tongue didnt want to part ways with him. I ate it out for a bit then I just shoved my dick into his hole. No lube needed, he was nice and moist  and my tongue provided plenty of lube. I pounded my dick into him and went to work. I pounded this hole for about 10 minutes and he started begging for my load. He kept moaning that he was close and this was getting me close also. I flipped him on his back and jumped back into him, pounding away.. Our rhythm of me pounding him and him jerking his cock was on point. He let out a huge moan and EXPLODED all over himself and above his head. When I saw this and felt his hole squeezing my dick… I unloaded into him. I didn’t realize how much of a nutt I had inside of me but there was a stream of nutt leaking out of him. I was pleased by both sights. We cleaned up and parted ways.

When I was ready to leave, I realized that this place was just like a casino… not a single damn clock anywhere. I got there around 11:15 and when I got my phone back, it was 4:30… I had no idea I had been in this place so long but It was worth it. I will definitely be back on a day or night when the weather is nice so I can see how the outside deck action is….


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